Last Chaos: I am Back

Since I got Internet Connection back in my home, I am free to play Last Chaos.. Thats Great:-) I started LC today, and met Elspethia, the guild master of The7thCircle guild and I joined them again...

Then, I went to Merac and grinded in jail for some half an hour. I am gaining experience only at a very small rate and hence I went out to fight with Giant Larva... After some 30 minutes of fighting, a Grand Red Dragon (GRD) appeared.... I started fighting it after using all the def and atk potions I had. But, I didnt notice the no of hp potion I had. After the hp of GRD was reduced to half, my hp potions ran out. So, I called out my friend, Arun to bring me some hp potions and leaves for my per. He came there in 5 min, but sadly the hp of GRD became full...

Without losing hope, we started fighting it again, and this time we succeeded and killed after smashing it for nearly 5 min. But several small creatures spawned after the GRD is dead and they killed us:( I came back again trying to get the loots, but there were so many of those damn creatures and I was not able to loot the items...

Here is a SS of me fighting the GRD:
last, chaos, grd, merac


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