Last Chaos: Cute Polar Bear Pet

While Grinding the Giant Larvas in Merac, I saw a Titan and a small cute white bear following him. Actually, it was the new pet that was added to Last Chaos after the Episode 2 was released. I cant resisit my temptation towards getting one bear and I immediately started searching on how to get one. But sadly, I found that only who participate in raffles can get the Bear. So, I have to wait till I cant get that Bear by some other means:(
A Screenshot of that Cute Bear

Links to Two raffles to get the Bear(These Raffles are closed now)

For the past 2 days, I have been grinding the Giant Larvas and I reached level 42. While grinding the larvas, Grand Red Dragon(GRD) appeared several times, I killed it a few times. But, all the time, the Cerebril monsters that spawned after GRD is dead, killed me and prevented me from taking the drops of GRD.

But today only I managed to kill both the GRD and its spawns. I didnt get any special drops.. All of them are only normal items like tool aids, moon stones, lucky scrolls, etc.,


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