Quitted Last Chaos

     Yeah. Believe me. I quitted Last Chaos. This was one of the hard decision that I made in my gaming career.

     Last Chaos was my first MMORPG and I loved it. I always wanted to play the game, the way it was meant to be played.

     The main thing behind my decision is people no longer party together to grind, either for sp farming or to leveling, except for the power leveling thing. This was a online multiplayer game and the people in there like to play in solo party. The second thing is everyone do power leveling and people at 40 to 70 level are very scare. Everyone plays either in prokion or in tomb. The big map of draton and merac are deserted. The third thing is Elizabeth buff in c5. Since the elizabeth buff is moved to c5, a non-pvp server, every low level people are now playing in c5. So, random PKs and small fights became extinct.

     Also, I hate grinding for sp for long hours. I know every MMORPG narrows down to grinding when we reach high levels. But, if we grind in group, it wont be problem and it will be fun. Grinding all alone for hours is like doing hard work without fun and surely it not means playing.

     I am at level 54 and I can solo anubis now. So, reaching level 80 or 90 wont be very hard for me. But the thing is armors and weapons cost insane and even if I manage to buy them, I cant go more than that level and I am not gonna shine in PVP too. So, the best thing is quitting now. I gave all my things worth 2.5 billion to my friends Arun(xWarloDx of ThePhoenix) and Arun Balaji(ChaosKnight of BloodMoon). I am the one who introduced and made them play LC. But now, I told them to quit and they are not listening to me. I know for sure, they will feel the same way I felt, when they already have wasted a long time in there.

     Yeah. I will surely be missing some of the good friends I got in game. I ll log in once in a while to keep in touch with them.

     I researched about a lot of MMORPGs to replace Last Chaos and many are found to be not so good, except WoW and guild wars. So, I need to wait till I get a job to play one of them or either:D. Till that, I am gonna try various MMORPGs of various kinds to see for myself which is better. I am gonna start with Perfect World International (PWI).


I ll miss you Last Chaos...
LC is not just a game, Its more than that for me…



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Good old times at West Gate


  1. Shame you didn't have guildies who were like-minded...Good luck in future

  2. yeah... tried to convince many ppl to play good old way, without power leveling, without tomb, but in vein.. and thx :)

  3. lol i remember west gate goodtimes goodtimes

  4. Dude you should really come back.


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