NFS Carbon: Beaten up Darrius

     Met the boss Darrius and rode with him on the Canyon in Palmont City’s outskirts. He was not like the other racers and gave really a hard time for me. I upgraded my SLR McLaren with all the Race Packages and raced with Darrius again. After a few retires, I finished him and completed the Career mode in NFS Carbon.

     The game is not over yet. There is a big array of races in the Challenge series. As in Most Wanted, I decided to play the Challenge series and try to complete it. I completed all the bronze and silver races and I personally think that the challenges are not as hard as they were in Most Wanted.

     From the starting itself, I missed something in carbon. I dont know what it is. Maybe I love Most Wanted too much than any other. Even after completing the career, I felt Carbon is just another racing game and nothing special. But wait... I started playing the drift races and they are addictive. Everytime I make a big score in drift, I cant take a rest. I just wanted to beat up my best again.

     Here is a screenshot of me overtaking my opponent in Canyon Race in Silver Challenge:

More about drifting later,


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