Perfect World International

     After quitting Last Chaos, I started with the MMORPG Perfect World International (PWI). To ease up the partying thing, I started with a Cleric or Healer character and named him EliteHealer. He was level 20 now and the nice thing about Healers is they can start fly at level 1 itself. The other classes need to get level 30 to fly.

     PWI is a very big game when it comes to in-game world and there are so many things to do in PWI. For the first few days, I was overwhelmed by the amount of detail in that game. Unlike LC, people start at the place where they logged out. So, there wont be big crowds and lags in any of the city. But, because of this feature, the cities are empty at some times. Also, the game is designed in a way the the full map is utilized. Each of the class starts at separate places and are moved to different places while doing quests so that there will be someone even in the remote place in PWI.

     Also, the big land mass is one of the frustrating thing, when it comes to travelling. The toon moves very slowly and to move between places it takes a hell lot of time. All the classes in the game are well balances so that there is no single PVP superior class. Even the healer can be good at PvP if played well.

     I like this game and decided to continue this. I ll post more about PWI after I reached level 30.



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