Deus Ex

Deus Ex is one of the best RPG I ever played, mixed with conspiracy theories, futuristic elements all happening in our real world locations, rather than some fantasy world. The whole plot can be stated as something as follows.


In order to maintain peace and order, United Nations form a group named UNATCO, which has access to some other highly advanced sophisticated technologies in the world, particularly Nano-Augmentation, by which people are turned super soldiers by injection of nano-particles in their body.
Player is one of such Nano-Agent named JC Denton, who starts with the mission of recovering stolen Ambrosia supplies and in the process meets up with various personalities from different organisations, making critical decisions that branches the story in completely weird paths, visiting many places in the world including New york, Hong Kong and many more. My Play The world is ravaged by a fatal disease called "Gray Death" and there is a cure named "Ambrosia", which is very short in supply.
Ambrosia is provided only to the RICH and so various terrestrial organisations have been formed around the globe to steal it and a group named NSF actually accomplish in stealing the Ambrosia supply.

My Play

I spent long time with this game, but couldnt get to complete the game, though I played through more than half of the story, leaving UNATCO, visiting Japan, stopped the Kill Switch, obtained Dragon Tooth Sword and much more. I wish I had finished the game before itself, as I wont be playing this here after for various reasons. Overall its a superb game.


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