Last Chaos - Sp Farming

I m playing Last Chaos for the past 2 months and i love it. My Character is now a lvl 28 knight with IGN "saiy2k". Thanks to TurkeyLeg, because he is one who told the importance of sp ing and joining a guild. Because of him only, i maxed all my skills and now have 3K sp and the best thing is, i m in the guild '7TH CIRCLE'...

i started to max out my skills when i m at lvl 25 and to lock my xp, i joined a guild called "SICKNESS". i think there are only 6 members in that guild and when i m online, no one in the guild will be online. but i maxed out all my skills and got some 1k sp in that guild. Then, with the help of KingKnight, i joined the famous 7Th Circle guild, with which i ll play forever.

before joining 7Th Circle, i thought of getting blue names and tried to join MastersGuild and i contacted some members and they didnt help me to join. But later, i killed a lvl 27 knight in a pvp and got a red name and this red name looked cool to me and i havnt planned of joining 7th Circle at that time. i just met KingKnight in the town and while speaking he offered me to join the guild and now i m in there. All the guildies are very supportive and if u like to pk, then i recommend u to join us.

if u r a serious gamer and love RPG, then i recommend you to give Last Chaos a try. its one of the best free MMORPG, u could find.

more later,


  1. bro, im sure u know now that 3k sp isnt enough for your journey. :P

  2. I quitted tat journey a long back.....


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