Last Chaos: Hurayyy!!! I levelled to 35

Last Chaos: Knight

This is wonderful. Now i am lvl 35. Here are some screenshots of my knight's honorable moments:
Last Chaos Last Chaos

I met a guy named ANORTHOSIATIKO and we partied in Maargudam Jail in Merac. Everything went fine, until someone named beautyhealing(a low lvl noob) came there. She came inside and started attacking ANO's pet(a lvl 4 hatchling). We warned her, but she continued. So, ANO killed her and again she comes and again he killed her. This repeated for about 10 times and i also joined the fun and killed her some 3 or 4 times. Then she went away.

After that came, ANO's brother and he killed me without even noticing me. I would hav killed him, even though he is 2 lvls higher than me, if he played fair. Because, i m having only 25% of HP and came out to take some rest to regenerate my HP. At that time, he hit me. Immediately, i used the Hp potions and started to attack him. He should have taken heavy dmg with my 37+10 sword. So, he started to ran away. Since he ran, i stopped. Then after he went far away from me, he buffed himself with his horse mount and killed me.

Adventures Continue...

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