Sins of a Solar Empire

The Ultimate Space RTS game, that every RTS lovers should play, "Sins of a Solar Empire". This game offers awesome graphics and fanstastic gameplay experience with the variety of strategies it offers. The technology tree is very big, there are so many innovative researches available with brilliant easy to use interface.

The graphics is wonderful. The space background with all the nebulas looks amazing. The planets, the sun and above all the ships and the stations simply rocks.

This game is somewhat hard because all the time i lacked in getting some resources. Sometimes, its metal and sometimes its crystal, i had no problems with getting the credits. But, i think, this makes the game even more strategical where you have to choose between what research to do, or what platforms to built, or what ships to create with the very limited resources you have.

Also Sins of a Solar Empire offers RPG features with the Capital ships having the ability to gain experience, level up, learn powerful unique abilities, that aid you in combat.

There is a tree in the left which will list out all your platforms, ships and also the enemy ships in your empire. This tree makes things very very easy to manage, no matter how many fleets you have or where your screen is currently is at. Its a brilliant idea.

There is a pirate system in the game, which i dont like very much. Sometimes, its annoying. Because when i am deeply involved in something it disturbs me. If the pirates are made to make their attack every 30 minutes or more, then its OK. But pirate attack every 15 minutes is bad.

Also this game takes hell lot of time to finish. Even with the smallest map in the game and playing against only one player, it will surely take around 3 hours to finish.

But apart from the pirate system and the LOOONGGG time it takes, Sins of a Solar Empire ROCKS!!!


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