Last Chaos: My First Horse Mount and New Armor Set

I never trained or even had a horse before... From the start, i am training two drakes(one is pink drake). Becuase i love dragons and such myth creatures. But, lol, this is a game, and we need the horse buff at some point. I took time for me to realize about the horse buff. So, i sold my normal drake(lvl 24) and bought myself a new white colored Horse Mount(lvl 32). You know, the price difference between the lvl 24 drake, i sold and this Horse Mount is just 10M. Some screenshots of me and my horse mount...
Last Chaos: Horse Mount and Royal Knight

Also, i upgraded my armor set to 40-41 armor set. Actually, i borrowed the Shirt, Leggings and Gauntlets(all +6) from Elspethia. the remaining i bought from Merchant Mart. A photo of me, with the new armor set and my 41+15 dual sword...
Last Chaos: Royal Knight


  1. This game has amazing graphics. It looks very nice. I am mostly involved in horse related games and racing games. I play the game of which is as good as a real horse race.

  2. Come back to last chaos :(

  3. @Anonymous:
    I like to, but sadly dont hav Internet access at home:(
    and m eager to know who r u !!!


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