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Yesterday night, we had a Guild Event in 7th Circle. The event is eveyone(not everyone, all those who could come) in the guild assemble in the town, form a queue and run like a train. It started well, but after few minutes, i started lagging(because of the highly upgraded glowy weapons and armors) and i got disconnected two times. So, what we did is, we removed all our armors and weapons to make things better.

We rounded the town once and then we went to Velpist Temple in Juno. There we killed everyone on sight. But i didnt get anyone to kill, as everyone ran or logged out on seeing us. But later, i went to Margudaam Jail and had my PK there...

LadyVi called this event "Naked Mile", when we removed our armors. Yes, it is a good name, though.

Some screenshots of this event:
Last Chaos: Naked Mile
Last Chaos: Naked Mile
Last Chaos: Naked Mile

Posted by Saiyasodharan R Monday, April 27, 2009


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