Last Chaos: Lvl 35 Nothing Special

Nothing Special happened when i am at lvl 35.

Here and there some parties in Merac and Draton. But the final moments of lvl 35 are interesting. Myself(35), ANDAND(35), and Inforis(34) went to fight Salamanders(lvl 50) in merac. After reaching its place, we planned well and i m the one who first kicked it. I took some two hits and my health went nearly to zero. So, to escape death i started to run, yelling HELP HELP!!! They were trying to kill it, but since the Salamander is also in move(following me), they couldnt land hit on it. While running, i used my potions and restored my health. Then after some run and chase, they did hit the salamander and turned its attention towards them. Then, i stopped and went back to fight the monster and yes, we won. But Inforis was killed in the fight.

Then we came to the conclusion that we cant run like these to kill each and every one. So, we started to fight Gnoll and i levelled to 36.

My pink drake is now at lvl 23.

One more thing, there are some new drops added to the game since Easter, named Easter Egg. It gives random stuffs. I got nearly 30 easter eggs and the items i got are really terrible like 50 gold, 10 herb trunk and 1 tool aid like that. I also sold 3 easter eggs for 1 million each through the merchant mart. But some people got 2 Heaven Stone and valuable stuffs like that...

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