Last Chaos: Trade Agent Roy is Back

The long awaited return of the bugged, but well-known, Trade Agent Roy has happened today. Thanks to the LC Developers for bringing him back without the loss of any items.

About Trade Agent Roy:
Trade Agent Roy is a new, fantastic and innovative idea. He is an NPC, where you can register for the items you want to sell and anyone can buy your items, even when you are logged off. Similarly, you can browse through what other players have registered and buy some stuff, if you want. This will help not to AFK shop like before, which is very annoying...

What happened to him:
This Agent Roy was added to the game before a month ago. But within a few days of operation, some serious bugs were found in him and he was taken out of the game for some debugging. Many people have registered a lot of items, worth millions and billions, in him. I also registered Green Herbs, Quality Stones, Dark Orbs and some other items in there. So, everyone is frustrated and this resulted in shouting in the forums. But the GameSages and GameMasters assured us all, a safe return of the Agent Roy, as soon as possible.

The Return:
And it happened today. He is back with all my items. Some sold... Its feeling great now. I hope all the bugs are fixed and he will be fine now...

Last Chaos Official Site:
Trade Agent Roy:


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