Last Chaos: A Really hard decision

I am now 33 and got almost 2.5k sp. But i am not satisfied. Because, i cant pvp. If i was killed in a pvp and got killed i ll lose my valuable sp and i wont like that. But, without any pvp, the game is boring. Also, i thought of investing all my sp in weapon and armor smithing and play. But, to get this sp, i grinded a lot and hard.

So, i must decide whether to giveup sp for fun or keep it till lvl 38, learn new skills. I took the first choice, after all this a game and its for fun only. My GM, Elspethiya also me that sp can be earned by hunting down white monsters at any level., but not like what the Sergeants gave. I learned most of the armor and weapon smith skills, all the processing skills and you know what
I GOT ONLY 60 SP NOW. But i am happy.

Then i went to arena to have a little pvp but the second lowest lvl player there is of lvl 81. OOPS. i cant fight him. So, i went to Merac for exploring some new lands.

Hope my decision is not bad.


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