Sins of a Solar Empire: Almost Finished

This Huge Random Map is a big success for me. Colonized two star systems and eliminated 6 players and only two players to eliminate, since the third one is my ally.

Since, I colonized all the planets in two star systems, there is no problem of resources for me. Approximately, I get 80 Credits/sec, and 20 asteroid and 20 crytals per second.

But now the game seems boring. Because, there is no need to manage your precious resources(because they are no more scarce), no need to plan your researchers(already reasearched them all), and the only thing to do is move from star to star which takes about 10 - 15 minutes and take our your enemies' planets.

I think you get the maximum fun from Sins of a Solar Empire only if you play small or medium maps. Because, huge maps will really be boring when you have only two or three enemies left.

More Later,
Till then Bye.


  1. WEll great post but to be honest, i find the latest PS3 exclusive inFamous really kick#$%.....its just amazing....

  2. Woooow!!! My first comment... thanks and yeah i ll try that game


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