Sins of a Solar Empire: Chennai Completed

Finally, I made it... Yes, I colonized all the planets in the first Star System and thus fully created the Virtual Chennai. Only two planets are missed, because they are colonized by my Ally and now I cant declare war on him just to capture those two planets. Because, he is wayyyyy toooo powerful than me. Here is a Screenshot of the Virtual Chennai in Sins of a Solar Empire.
Sins of a Solar Empire: Virtual Chennai

Now is the time to explore new lands, sorry actually new stars and planets... I think from now on, the game will be somewhat easier than before, because my Economy is now stable and I am now having good gathering rate of all the resources. Also since all the researches are complete, I need the resources only to replace the dead ships.

Hope will complete this Huge Random Map, before my exam gets over, which is on June 3rd...

Below is an awesome screenshot of a planet being fired by my Novalith Canon:
Sins of a Solar Empire Screenshot: Novalith Canon Fire


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