Sins of a Solar Empire: Repeated defeats

I played the Huge Random Map. In the beginning the game goes smoothly. But after capturing some 5 to 6 planets, i lose control of the game. As I move my fleet to capture a new planet, that stupid AI players start attacking my planets and take it over and/or i forgot(or didnt notice) to take care of the pirate. So, that stupid mercenary comes and destroys my planet. This happened to me two times. But i learnt some valuable lessons from my defeats and today, I started a new game again and this time i ll surely WIN. Some wonderful screenshots below. I am not playing the game with full graphic settings, but with the medium settings itself, the game looks awesome
Sins of a Solar Empire: Intense Fight, Amazing awesome screenshot
Sins of a Solar Empire: Virtual Chennai
More Screenshots at

As you can see from the Screenshots, i am trying to create a Virtual Chennai inside the game. But damn, those fking AI players are not letting me. But, you dont worry, this time i ll surely DO it...


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