Last Chaos: Billionaire

WOOOOOOOOTTTTTTT!!!!!!! I now have one Billion in Last Chaos. Thousand thanks to the Trade Agent Roy, the new NPC.

I am not playing much in Last Chaos, because of my exams. But, I am doing buying and selling stuff(actually, doing business, hehe) through the Merchant Mart and made some big profit. Once, you learned the Market, its very easy to earn money.

Since, I now have 1 Billion gold and approximately another 1 Billion worth items(with my Main at lvl 40), I proclaim myself a Tycoon in LC and soon will do a post on "Money Making in Last Chaos"


  1. fair play i hope i will soon be joining u as a billonaire as the market has been kind to me so far (Opeyuk-knight lv23)

  2. thx :)
    and wish u de best to be a billionaire soon :D


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