Last Chaos: Lvl 39 - SP Farming

Poison Mist Location here in this post

I done the Personal Dungeon, Ajaka Canyon for the first and since i m lvl 39, it was too easy for me. But in a hurry to finish it fast, I pressed Enter quickly after finishing Kamira and missed my loots... A Screen Shot took in Ajaka Canyon:
Last Chaos: Ajaka Canyon

There was 150% XP, 150% SP and 200% pet XP yesterday(7/5/09). So, instead of lvling myself, i AFK lvled my pet(a cute little pink drake) the whole night and it is now levelled to 33 from 31. So, i got some Technical points to invest in attack too... Because, i always put my pet's TP in defense only, since it makes things easier.

And today, there was 200% SP event, so to get myself some good SP to learn Dark Immunity, which is my lvl 38 skill, i spend the whole day, grinding my all time favourite Poison Mists. After some long time grinding, i reached 80% xp and got about 510 sp. Initially, at the start of the level, i had only 13 sp. Yeahh, a great jump in SP, thanks to the double SP event. After i reached 80%, i lose the patience to grind the poison mists slowly. So, i went to jail, but it was also not satisfied me. Then came the bright idea of completing the quests. So, went to Merac town and there a NPC gave me a mission to bring 3 Gnoll Soldiers head and on completing the mission(which took just 5 minutes), i got nearly 1.5% xp. Then, I went to hunt Giant Larvae in Merac, used some of my XP Scrolls and levelled fast and finally reached lvl 40 with SP of 528.

I learned Dark Immunity, which took 155 Sp and with the remaining SP, i maxed the Expert WeaponSmith and Expert ArmorSmith skills. Still, Master skills are there...

In between while I was grinding the poison mists, the devil Boss Monster Kamira appeared. All the time, when it appeared, I used to either call my guild members or party members to kill it. But this time, i decided to take it myself. Ya, I know this is crazy... But I had a great idea, which I know will never work out, but i just gave a try. The idea is I stun the Monster once with my shield, then switch to dual swords quickly and do Double Bash, then run a few seconds for the stun to cool down and repeat the whole process again. So, went close to Kamira with my shield on and yeah the first stun worked perfect and also the Double Bash, but when I ran, that stupid devil Kamira killed me in one hit.... I know this is how it will end... :(

A screenshot of me(saiy2k) double bashing the devil kamira,
Last Chaos: Kamira, Draton

My stats after leveling up
Last Chaos: saiy2k's stats

Poison Mist Location here in this post


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