Sins of a Solar Empire: Going well

In the middle of my Exam preparations(yes, i am having my exam in a week), I made myself some time to play Sins of a Solar Empire. I am playing a Huge Random Map for about a week(but only 1 hour a day), and this time I rule the game. Ya, now 14 planets are under my control, with all the Military and Civil researches completed. Also, i built two Novalith Canons, which is the super weapon of TEC. With a single Novalith Canon, any planet can be taken down in just two shots. Its an amazing deadly weapon.

Still, i didnt venture beyond my Star System. My plan is to capture all the planets in this Star System and then move on to the next system. Sorry, i dont have any time to take screenshots and upload... But will surely add some amazing screenshots in the next post of Sins of a Solar Empire.

This is a fantastic space RTS game, I love this as my all time favourite space RTS, "HOMEWORLD"


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