AOE 2: El Cid: The Enemy of My Enemy

This is little bit tougher than the previous Mission.

On beginning a dozen of Toledo Villagers will be running away from their Town, because of the rebellion there. They will also tell El Cid to meet Imam to find a way to stop the Rebellion.

Before searching for Imam, I establised my base near the place where Motamid's market resides and started developing my Empire. Also, sent out a few scouts to search for Imam. There is a small lake at the north of the Map. Imam is hiding in a small Island in that Lake. On bringing El Cid to Imam's Island, he tells that if El Cid manage to capture and bring 4 Relics from the Rebel Leaders, then Imam will be able to stop the Rebellion.

I created a large army and started attacking my enemies. Their base is very much condensed with buildings, built very close to each other. Managing my large army in this no land area was very hard and I lost many of Units because of this stupid reason. Anyway, I built a Castle and military building just outside their Gate. So, I keep on creating new Units to replace my dead ones. Once I went inside and stabilized myself, taking all the Relics became easy.

Then, the mission ends on taking all the 4 Relics and depositing them in Imam's Temple.
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