Counter Strike - Inferno - Expert

This is the worst Mission and I wasted nearly an hour trying to accomplish the third challenge in this mission, which is to kill a Flash-blinded Enemy and to survive the Round.

Yesterday night, I had been playing this mission for almost an hour and completed 58 rounds. Yet, I didnt achieved the third challenge and quitted the game. Upto the 32nd round, I have been playing the game eagerly and even I didnt completed the third challenge, I won the round. But, after that I got very bored and concentrated fully on killing a Flash-blinded Enemy. If I failed, then immediately I gave up the Round. So, I keep on giving up and at last after 58 rounds, the terrorists win count went above our count and the mission came to an end, with a BIG failure.

Here is a Screenshot of my Scoreboard at round 58:
counter strike, condition zero, game, action, inferno, expert, scoreboard

Again, today, I played the same mission and won in just 16 rounds. But, even today, I dont know how I completed the third Challenge. I done that, just by luck. A Screenshot of saiy2k shooting at a dead enemy:
counter strike, condition zero, game, action, inferno, expert, mad, revenge


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