Counter Strike - Tides - Expert

This is a Bomb Diffuse mission. This game is very simple to finish, because of the simple Challenges. One of the challenge is to kill 5 Enemies with Leone YG1265 Auto Shotgun. This may seem hard. But, with right Plans and understanding of the Bot movements, this is the easiest challenge to complete.

To Complete the Shotgun Challenge, buy that Leone Auto Shotgun and a Smoke Grenade and go into the tunnel at the back of your spawning Place, which leads to Sector A. Shortly, you will come to a very small bridge with a narrow path underneath it. Throw the Smoke Grenade into the narrow path and wait a few seconds. All the terrorists will come there. Shoot all of them down. Be sure that you stay inside the Smoke, otherwise they will kill you. Also, you may instruct your other commanders to hold their Positions. Because, they may come after you and kill steal.

I completed this mission after 11 rounds with CT win count 10.

A Screenshot:
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