POP - SOT: The Baths

Here, the Prince meets a new sort of Sand Creature, which bears a Long Chain. But, as anyone knows, nothing can stop the Progression of Prince.Here in The Baths a new Sword is kept, but with highly restricted access.
There is a ladder, which leads to the new Sword. But, while wall running to catch the ladder, the Prince's legs slips because of the water beneath. So, the prince go to the place above the baths, fights some creatures there. Then, he pulls down two levers to open up a small portal which leads to the baths below. Through that small Portal, a Crate is pushed down and this crate is then moved beneath that old Ladder which leads to the new Sword. Now, the Prince climbs up the ladder and roams the room and comes and gets the new Sword. With this Sword, Prince can now break wooden walls and week broken walls. Very near to the new Sword, a Life Upgrade is also there. This is the fourth one. Screenshots of the fourth life upgrade:
prince, prince of persia, sands of time, game, action, baths, life, upgrade, health, fourth

In the Baths itself, there will be three savepoints named "The Baths", "Above The Baths", "There's Something Glowing Up There". But for all the saves, percetage completion is 33% only.

Some More Screenshots:
prince of persia, sands of time, game, action,

New Sword:
prince of persia, sands of time, game, action, prince, new, sword


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