POP - SOT: Outside the Palace

The Intro Video shows the Invasion of India by persian King Shahraman, accompanied by his young son, the hero of this game and its sequels.

On Game start, the young prince was locked up inside the palace walls of Indian Maharajah and he took himself the quest of finding the treasure(The Dagger of Time), to bring Honor and Glory to his father. But, without knowing the ill effects of using the Dagger, the poor Prince keeps on moving to get that treasure. After roaming around the Palace, the Prince meets his first opponent. This Opponent is not a tough one and he was killed in just two hits. A Screenshot of Prince's first fight:
first,fight,prince,prince of persia,sands of time,game,action,screenshot

After that, the prince again roams around the palace walls and kills some royal Men, who are defending the Palace and Prince goes to a Room with some Pillars in it. Climb the pillars and go the balcony above. There an, Autosave appears.


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