POP - SOT: The Palace's Defense System

In the room, there are some cupboards along the wall. Move them all and you will find the path to the next area behind one cupboard. On proceeding through that path, the Prince comes to the place, where the Palace's Defense System activator is lying.

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Once activated, the defense System will make the Palace a hell to people inside. But, there is no other go. Prince can proceed only if he activated the Defense System and activating involves a Puzzle. Here is how to solve the Puzzle.

A. Step on button to get First Axel.
B. Next Turn platform once clockwise.
C. Move platform up once.
D. Next Turn platform counter clock wise three times
E. Move platform down once.
F. Step on button to get Second Axel
G. Move platform up Once.
H. Turn platform clockwise twice.
I. Move platform up twice.
J. Step on button to get Third Axel.
K. Turn platform once clockwise.
L. Move platform down once.
M. Step on button for Final Axel.
N. Move platform up once.
O. Turn counter clockwise once.
P. Move platform up once

Now, cross the bridge that appears and climb the ladder on the far platform. Go down the walkway, then jump up to grab the switch to finish the puzzle and activate the palace defenses. Go back down the ladder to find the guard that was helping you, except he's turned into a sand creature. He's joined by another spear wielding sand creature, so take the both of them out, and head through the door to find a Save Point inside. Upto this Save, 12% of the game is completed.


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