POP - SOT: "I'll Meet You at the Baths"

This is a closed area with a bunch of Giant Sand Crows and some Sand Reptiles. Also, this place has the most irritating puzzle, I ever seen in the game. The puzzle is like you have to wall run from one place to other. But, the catch is there will be no wall in between. You have to make the gate below to come up and take the place of wall. To pull that Gate up, you have to pull a level and cross several obstacles and come as fast as possible. Because, the gate goes down slowly, as soon as you leave the level that is used to pull it up. Timing is very important in crossing this area. As soon as you pull that level, you have to run towards that gate very fast and even if you waste a small amount of time, while running, the Gate will go down and you cant wall run to your destination. Here, you will get a Life Upgrade, which is the fifth One. A Screenshot of the place, where you will get the Upgrade is:
prince, prince of persia, sands of time, life upgrade, fifth, health, game, screenshot

After this, Prince goes to a watery place, which looks awesome. Soon after entering there, a savepoint appears and 52% of the game is Completed at this Save.

More screenshots:
prince, prince of persia, sands of time, game, screenshots


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