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Go into the dark Tunnel and break the walls with your Sword and proceed. The place inside looks awesome with great graphics. Here too, Prince move along the ledges, fight some bats, run through some weak wooden platforms and he then enters into a Big Caveran. Before entering into the Caveran, the Prince jumps through many weak stalactites, which will break and leads to Prince's death if perfect timing is not maintained.
In the Caveran, Prince has to go all the way down from the top, with the help of all the Ladders there. In this place, two Savepoints Waterfall and A Caveran of Ladders will be there and at the second Savepoint the Game Percentage Completion is 57%.

Some screenshots:
prince of persia, sands of time, game, screenshots, prince
Screenshot of prince jumping the stalactites
prince of persia, sands of time, game, screenshots, prince, stalactites

Posted by Saiyasodharan R Friday, July 24, 2009


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