POP - SOT: A Secret Passage

After running through the walls of the broken Palace, the Prince comes to a place, where he have to jump all the way down to proceed, there is an alternative path in the wall nearby. Dont miss the way, because there is a Life Upgrade inside that. This is the first Life Upgrade, which permenantly increases the Life of the Prince. After he had the Life Upgrade, he comes to the same point where he was before, but that hole in the wall is now gone. So, proceed down.
A Screenshot of the tunnel that leads to the first Life Upgrade:
life upgrade,prince of persia,sands of time,game,screenshot,action,health powerup,1,HP,upgrade

Down there, Prince will meet Farah and they will have a little conversation, in which Farah asks the Prince for the dagger to undo the things he done by unleashing the sands. But, Prince will say that he will trust no one but himself and he will undo all by himself. By that time, some Sand Reptiles appears and Farah crawls through a small hole in the wall and Prince kills them and proceed to a Big Bed Room, where he perform various tricks to get down.

On the way, he see a couple of Flying Sand Creatures taking away the Hour Glass of Time to another building.
prince of persia, sands of time, sand creatures, hour glass, screenshot, game
On reaching the bottom a bunch of Sand Creatures appears and Prince again starts his action. As he kills them, more of them appears and after killing them all a Save Point appears there. Upto this Save, 10% of the game is completed and the Prince have 4 Sand Tanks and 2 Power Tanks with 1 Life Upgrade.


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