Counter Strike - Italy - Expert

This is the most Irritating Hostage Rescue Mission, I ever played. The challenges to be completed in this mission are:
1. You must kill 6 enemeies with an ES five-seven.
2. You must kill 6 enemeies with a Magnum Sniper Rifle.
3. You must rescure All of The Hostages.

For completing the first two Challenges itself, it took me 19 Rounds and the Third Challenge is Rubbish. Before I rescue, all the Hostages, my Team wins. My sincere fellow commanders shoot down all the enemies and does not give enough time to escort the Hostages to the Safe Point. If I instructed them to hold their Position, then the Terrorists easily kill me as I was alone.

So, I played, played and played 43 rounds, just to rescue all the Hostages. But, we, the Counter Terrorists were playing great and got a winning count of 36 out of 43.

A Screenshot of my scoreboard:
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  1. When is First challenge ? What is ES five-seven

  2. you mean "what" is the 1st challenge? hmmmm.. it is to kill 6 enemies the ES five-seven, which is one of the pistol ...

  3. how did u have 12 pts for assemblin team in dis lvl??

  4. The points u earn from completing levels can be used in replaying old levels... If I remember the game right (been years since I played)

  5. best & the easiest way to complete all the challenges in 5 or 6 rounds....
    When the game starts, just press the button which on the keyboard to left side of number buttons.. it is ` this button.
    Now type bot_knives_only
    & press enter.
    Now PLAY

  6. my name is TANAY....
    by the way...


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