AOE 2: Attila The Hun: Walls of Constantinople

I played this mission a week ago. So, I dont remember the gameplay to very detailed level. Here, I write what is till there in my mind...

The Objective of this game is to get 10,000 gold. But, you wont be having gold to mine from or market to trade with. Actually, the objective is to get 10,000 gold from Rome. To accomplish this, you have to destroy the buildings of Rome. On, losing some important buildings(like, Town Center, Dock, Castle, etc.,) Romans will pay you a hefty amount of gold and plead you to stop your attacks.

This is the only source of Gold, and it has to be wisely invested. For ranged Units, I created Skirmishers, since they dont use up any gold and I invested all the gold in creating a good Cavalry and Trebuchets.

Marcianopolis(Green) will be very near to us and they are fortified with a wall too. Marcianopolis itself will give nearly 3000 gold(think so, not sure) on destroying all their buildings. Next, I developed a decent army and went to attack the well fortified Constantinople. Constantinople is fortified with double walls, with Keeps placed well at good positions. But, nothing can stand against the Siege power of my army. In a minute, the gates and Keeps of Rome was transformed into dust. Immediately, I built my gate, in their place. A Screenshot of that scene:
attila,aoe2,game,screenshot,hun,walls of constantinople,attile the hun

The final one is Philippopolis. I took them with ease and there the game ends.

Saved Files:


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