Railroad Tycoon II

RRT2 (Railroad Tycoon II) is a "management sim" to come out for thePlayStation game console and PC, having been released in February of 2000. It is very similar to the old "Aerobiz" series for the Super Nintendo from a fewyears back in that the player takes the role of the head of a company and through shrewd management tries to defeat his rivals in a good old-fashioned corporate smackdown. Of course, the object of the game is not JUST to build the biggest or the mostprofitable railroad. You also have to build a high personal net worth throughruthless exploitation of the stock market. In many scenarios, you have to connect certain cities (like St. Louis to Sacramento, for example) and haul a certain number of carloads of cargo between them. It's not just about the business (unlike Aerobiz)... it's a complete immersion into the world of the rail baron. From the earliest steam locomotives to the superfast bullet trains of today, you'll be challenged every step of the way.

I played Railroad Tycoon 1, a long back and completed its campaign. This is the BEST business simulator game, I ever played. Also, the game goes interesting with all the level of details it had.
Now, I started playing Railroad Tycoon II. But, this time I am not interested in playing the Campaing. Instead, I will play some small scenarios, as I am not intended to spend more time on this game. The first scenario I am gonna play is Grand Prix, about which I will post soon


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