POP - SOT: The DrawBridge

After killing all of them, Prince climbs up the room through his own means, outside the top of the room, there is a Bridge which is closed. Then to open the bridge and to bring Farah to the bridge, Prince runs through some traps goes into the first floor of Mess Hall. There is a lever there, which on activation provides a ladder for Farah to climb up. Then, with her help, Prince goes into a locked room and pulls the level there, to open the Bridge. Then, both of them safely comes to the bridge. On trying to cross the bridge, again a bunch of Sand Creatures appear. This fight is harder than all the fights that Prince fought before. But, again Prince kills them all and a savepoint appears on the Bridge itself. Game Completion Percentage remains 46%.

Some Screenshots:
prince, prince of persia, sands of time, game, action, hurdles


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