Counter Strike: Prodigy: Expert

This is a Bomb Diffuse mission and Prodigy is one of my favourite. In this mission too, I used Smoke Grenade to take out a number of terrorists. Smoke Grenade is the best when you have to face more than 2 terrorists alone. All the matches, I bought Maverick Rifle with a Smoke Grenage. Then, I move to the narrow path, where many Crates are kept. 50% of the time, all the Terrorists will come to Sector B through this way only. So, I throw a Smoke Grenade in that narrow path, wait for the terrorists to show up and take them all. But, they sometimes goto Sector A to plant the bomb, when I have to rush up to A and then the game becomes difficult to win.

First, I made my win count to 6 and theirs was 2. Then, I bought Schmidt Scout, that is on Round 9 to finish up the challenge. But, I was shot at the beginning itself, as I ran into the Crates path without throwing the Smoke Grenade. Then, the next round I played carefully, and killed three of the terrorists with Schmidt Scout and completed the challenge and hence the Mission.

A Screenshot of the Crate Path:
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