Counter Strike: Dust: Expert

At Hard Difficulty level, I played all the three Missions Chateau, Havana and Cobblestone in Tour Of Duty 4 SEVERAL times. But, cant finish any one of them. Even, I could keep the CT winning count ahead of Terrorists winning count. But, the challenges are damn so difficult to accomplish. So, I decided to see how the Expert Mode missions will be and started playing Expert Mode.

I played Dust, my favourite and I am more than an Expert as far as the Dust is concerned. There is a great trick, with which you can kill even 5 bots at Expert difficuty level. To do that trick, you must have a Smoke Grenade. So, I bought it at the game start and one of my favourite, Bullpup. The trick is to throw the Smoke Grenade in the closed way, which is to the left of the Double Door at Sector A. Then, immediately, go in there. There will be some crates inside. Duck beside them and by this time, terrorist bots will be coming there. See this screenshot:
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They cant see you, as smoke hides you. So, you simply shoot them all. But, be careful, if you are slow, and they will come too close to you and then you are dead. But, sometimes, the terrorists take their alternative way and goes through the bridge. So, what you have to do is wait for some 30 seconds at our point. If they are not coming, immediately move towards the bridge. They will surely be coming there. Shoot them down from the top.

With these simple techniques, I completed dust in 4 Rounds. The challenges in this mission are: [Will be updated soon]


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