POP - SOT: "You have Unleashed The Sands of Time"

While the Prince was busy running after the Dagger of Time, the persian King took the Hour Glass of Time. The Evil Magician Vizier makes the prince to unleash the Sands of Time from the hour glass and the Sands of Time are now Unleashed. Immediately after the Sand touches any living thing, that thing gets transformed into Sand Creature. So, all the people around there now become Evil creatures. Our Prince, Princess Farah(daughter of Indian Maharajah) and Vizier are the only three who are immune to Sands of Time, because of the unique artifacts they carry. For Prince, its the Dagger itself, for Farah, its a Necklace and for Vizier, its his Staff. Then, the Prince faces a large number of Sand creatures in the Main Hall and finishes everyone. During the fight, Farah watches the Prince and gives some tips on using the dagger. Upto this, 5% of the game is completed.

Some Screenshots:
Evil Vizier:
evil,magician,vizier,prince of persia,sands of time,game,action,screenshot
An Intense fight:
prince,prince of persia,sands of time,game,action,screenshot,fight


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