POP - SOT: A Soldier's Mess Hall

Both Prince and Farah arrives a Soldier's Mess Hall. There are many Soldiers here, who are now transformed into Sand Creatures, but their Skill remains the same. At a time, The Prince have to manage around 3 to 5 soldiers. This is a little bit difficult fight and if the Prince is careless, the Soldiers turn towards Farah and kills her. Prince cant even jump behind them and attack. They simply push Prince down, when he tries to jump on them. So, I killed them all by attacking them after bouncing from the wall. They are vulnerable to this attack most times. And to save Farah, I use Freeze Enemy on soldiers who are attacking her, which uses one power tank and kills them. Game Percentage completion is 46% upto this savepoint.

A Screenshot of the tough fight in Mess Hall:
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