POP - SOT: The Majarajah's Treasure Vaults

Wall run from there a few times to reach the next platform and Prince will reach the room. The Prince crosses some pits by wall running and comes to the place, where the treasure, the Dagger of Time is kept. But, it is not accessible, since it is kept on the other side of the wall. Then, to get to the other side of the wall, the Prince gets out of that room and comes to a place where there is a very big statue. The Dagger of Time is placed on the head of that big statue. Getting up there is easy with some jumpings and humpings. After he took the Dagger of Time from its place, a mini earthquake occurs and a big stone falls from the top to squeeze our Hero. Immediately, the Prince reverses the time to the instant when the earthquake didnt occur. But the whole place starts crumbling and the floor brokes and falls down. After running through these hellish area, the Prince meets up with his father. Upto this point, 2% of the game is completed.

Dagger of Time:
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