Morrowind: Larrius Varro and gift of the Emperor

I already heard rumours that the Legion Champion, Larrius Varro wanted to meet me. So, To learn the truth, I went to Fort Moonmoth and met Larrius Varro. He told me a very BIG story about a corrupted Magistrate and he wanted me to kill some bad people, who were supporting the bad Magistrate. But the problem is he dont know, who that bad people are. Since he is in the Legion, no one is willing to tell anything to him. So, he wanted me to find out who those bad people are and kill them.

I went to the Corner Club in Balmora and asked the people in there about the bad people. They told me that the bad people are the members of Camonna Tong and they can be found in the Council Club and their names are Vadusa Sathryon, Marasa Aren, Madrale Thirith, Sovor Trandel and Thanelan Velas.

This is gonna be a toughest fight for me and Marianne as I have to face four people at a time. Since they are in the Council club, I cant even run back to get myself some time. But I have some arrows with paralize effect. So, my plan is I will paralyze those people and Marianne is gonna kill them. With this plan in mind, I went inside Council Club and started attacking Thanelan Velas. Immediately the other four ran upto his rescue. I paralyzed them one by one with my bow. After some time, I took my shord sword with drain health effect and I also started attacking them. The battle is finally won, but at a very big loss. Marianne was dead. She fought very well, but she was not able to use potions. Even I survived only because of some health potion that I used in between. Death of Marianne is a big loss for me. She accompanied me from the start of the game. She was a great partner for me. But, five vs two is a very tough fight and big losses aint a big surprise. Also, without her, it would be impossible for me to kill those people. I wish her soul to rest in peace.

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My bounty was very high because of killing 5 people. So, I used Divine Intervention to get to Fort Moonmoth. I reported to Larrius varro. He was very happy and gave the emperor's gift, a Ring of Surroundings with 20 to 30% Chameleon effect. Also, he spoke to higher level authorites to clear my Bounty to zero.


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