Morrowind: Seyda Neen

The Extraordinary Spell of Tarhiel:
I am now in Seyda Neen. Before going to Balmora, I planned to familiarize myself with the world of Morrowind and hence roamed in the wilderness around Seyda Neen. I killed a few crabs and rats and while running I heard someone screeming and seen a guy who fell down from the sky. I neared him and found that he was dead. His name is Tarhiel and he dropped a book near him. The book seemed to be his diary, in which he wrote about a spell that he formulated to help people to fly across the sky. I found three spell scrolls in his body, which will fortify your Acrobatics skill by 1000. So, it seemed that he used that spell to fly to sky and then he fell from that great height and died. I took all the 3 scrolls.

Processus Vitellius, The Tax Collector:
While going back to Seyda Neen, I found the body of Processus Vitellius, who seemed to be the tax collector in Seyda Neen. Someone who is not wanting to pay the tax might have killed him. I took 200 gold from his body and reported this matter to Socucius in Census Office. He took the tax money from me and promised me to pay 500 gold, if I bring justice to his death. The lady in the Light house told me that Gilnith had some hot argument with Processus and he might be the reason behind Processus's death. Then I visited Gilnith and he openly admitted that he is the murder and he justified his act with some stupid answers. I killed him and took the Ring of Processus from him and reported to Socucius. He was pleased with me and gave me 500 gold as promised.

Fargoth and his lost Ring:
I met a Bosmer named Fargoth, who claims the Imperials have stolen his ring. I gave him the Engraved Ring of Healing. He was overjoyed and he told me to meet his friend Arrille, who owns the tradehouse Seyda Neen. He promised that I will get great discounts from Arrille. Then, we chatted for some time and he told me about a terrible Island in Morrowind named Solstheism. Then, I went to Arrille Trade house and bought myself a light armor set.

Marianne de Castor:
I met an adventurer named Marianne de Castor. After bribing her, she accepted to accompany me where ever I go. So, going to Balmora through the wilderness wont be a big problem, with Marianne on my side.

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Marianne de Castor The Beauty


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