Morrowind: Pemenic and Boots of Blinding Speed

I went for hunting with my team mates to the North of Caldera. We killed so many beasts, but I lost both my mates in this hunting session.

morrowind, pemenic, blinding, speed, boots, caldera

Then, I was roaming the forests alone and found a Merchant named Pemenic. She asked me to escort her to Gnaar Mok and she told me that she will reward me with the Boots of Blinding Speed. I already heard about this mission from my friend Sairam. He said that I have to take her to Gnisis. So, without hearing what she said I started my journey to Gnisis. Gnisis was very far from here and it took almost an hour for me to go to Gnisis. On the way, I met several groups of bandits and two persons, who gave me some mini quests. They are Rasha and Sason. Rasha gave me 5 expensive shirts and asked me to deliver it to Bivale Teneran in Ald ruhn. Sason wanted me to find her wife, who was kidnapped a mob of Cultists. Now I was taking Pemenic to Gnisis, so I ignored them now. Then, after a long journey I reached Gnisis. I spoke to Pemenic and came to realize that her destination is Gnaar Mok, not Gnisis. But sadly, a bat killed her in Gnisis. All I want is the Boots of Blinding Speed and not her. So, I took the Boots from her body and left Gnisis.

Then I went to Ald ruhn and gave the shirts, that Rasha gave me, to Bivale Teneran. Bivale thanked me and rewarded me with Belt of Iron Will.


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