Morrowind: Great Adventures

I went to Fighters Guild to look for any new jobs. Eydis Fire-Eye was waiting for me to assign me a job. She told me that there are two egg poachers in the Shulk Egg Mine south of Balmora, very near to Odai River. She ordered me to take care of them.

So, I started my journey to Shulk Egg Mine after buying some Health potion from Ajira. It was not very far from Balmora. I went inside the Shulk Egg Mine and killed a large number of Kwama Foragers and Kwama Workers. These acts wont stop the mining operation, since Kwama Workers will respawn after some time. There is a door in there that led to Queen's lair. I went in and found the egg pochers there. On seeing me, they ran towards me and started attacked me without a word. So, I killed them both and so my mission got over. I returned to Balmora and reported to Eydis. She gave me 100 gold and also some potions.

Also Eydis Fire-Eye gave me another assignments of killing four Telvanni agents responsible for thefts in Caldera Mine.

I am sure I cant kill four people all by myself. So, I looked out for some Adventurer to accompany me. There were many free lance Adventurers, but most of them will accompany me only if I was of higher level. I am level 4 now. Noldomir in Lucky Lockup accepted to accompany me, if I were level 5. So, to increase my level to 5, I went to the wild for some hunting.

But this is gonna be a very different kind of hunting. I removed all my armors and weapons, wore just the common pants and shirts and went to the lake near Pelagiad to fight the Mud Crabs with my bare hands. This is to improve my Unarmored and Hand to Hand skills. I started the mud crab hunting at night. The whole night, I killed just 5 mud crabs, but with my bare hands. This increased my Unarmored and Hand to Hand skills by many levels and also I levelled up to 5.
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Then, I went back to Balmora and teamed up with Noldomir. With him, I left Balmora through the North gate to Caldera Mine. There was an Adventurer named Telania Neloth on the way from Balmora to Caldera. She also joined us and we three proceeded to Caldera Mine. It was very late night and faced a few zombies and other gory creatures on the way to Caldera Mine. We killed them all and atlast reached there. Alveleg was standing there and welcoming us. Without a word, I started attacking Alveleg and my teammates also joined me. We took him out easily. But the other agents were not here. There was a cave nearby and we found the other agents in there. We killed them all and returned back to Balmora. I reported the death of Telvanni agents to Eydis and she paid me 400 gold.

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