No time for Blogging :-(

For the past one month, I have been playing Morrowind. I was so immersed in the game, that I got no time to write for the blog. Also, my semester exams came and for the past one week, I even winded up morroind and studying for my exams. In the middle of heavy study sessions, to relax myself, I was playing some small flash games like Bubble Trouble and Balloon Invasion and I completed Balloon Invasions yesterday. My exams will get over on November 27th and after that only I will continue to play Morrowind.

I played the game with no mods installed and I dont like the way my character develops. I not even completed half of the missions, but I maxed out almost all my attributes except Luck. So, I am thinking of playing the game from start, with mods like GCD and more installed and with a different character, most likely a Ranger.

More Later


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