Morrowind: Fighters Guild and Mages Guild

I explored the streets of Balmora with my partner, Marianne. I found the Fighters Guild and went inside. In there, I spoke to Eydis Fire-Eye, the steward of Balmora Fighters Guild. She accepted me into Fighters Guild and to test my capabilites she gave me a small quest. The quest is to kill the rats that infested Drarayne Thelas's house.

Then I spoke with all the people in Fighters Guild and got some extensive info about various things in Morrowind. Also, there is a rumour that the Legion Champion, Larrius Varro, over at Fort Moonmoth wants to talk to me. The day 1 in Morrowind got over. The Day 1 got over in Morrowind.

Then I went to Mages Guild, located next to Fighters Guild. I spoke to the Ranis Athrys, the steward of Mages Guild and joined the guild. Ajira one of the mage in Mages guild asked me to bring samples of four types of mushrooms. I already have all the types she asked. So, I gave them to her immediately and she thanked me. Ranis Athrys promoted me to Apprentice. Again I spoke to Ajira and she told me to sabotage Galbedir's experiment by replace the soul gem, she has been experimenting on with a fake soul gem. I did that and she thanked me again.

Till now I didnt cleaned the house of Thelas from Rat Infestation. So, I went there and killed all the rats in her bed room and upstairs. Thelas thanked me for killing the rats and gave me 100 gold. Then, I reported to Eydis Fire-Eye and got promoted. I am now Brave Heart, the Apprentice.

Now, I got my inventory full, but most of them are scrap. So, I went back to Seyda Neen to sell all the items. There are so many traders here itself in balmora. But, my Persuasion level with Arrille is 85. So, he will pay me better price. Thats why I am going to Seyda Neen.

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A Screenshot of Balmora with my Marianne


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