Morrowind: Addamasartus and Bandits

I went to Seyda Neen by walk with my partner, Marianne. There I sold all the garbage I had to Arrille. With the money I got, I bought a short bow.

Then with Marianne, I went into the cave of Addamasartus to wipe the cave of the bandits. We killed all the bandits in there and searched the whole area. Marianne is a heavy close range fighter with a single handed sword. Also, her sword is enchanted with lighting damage. Her superb weapon along with her great skills only killed all the bandits in the cave. I did nothing but attracted the bandits towards me, giving time to Marianne to easily take out the opponents.

From the loot, we got in there, I made nearly 500 gold. Then we proceeded to Balmora and on the way, I tried to rest. But, an assassin showed up and started to attack me. He is very strong. But with my bow, I made him some damage and also Marianne killed him easily with her lightning axe. I took his armor set. It looked crappy, but it gave me a decent armor rating of 40. So, I kept it myself.


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