Morrowind: Very Very Rewarding Hunting

After the long journey with Pemenic, I was really exhausted and ran out of supplies. So, I went back to my home, Balmora and bought a lot of potions and arrows and I again went to Gnisis from Caldera. But this time, killing each and every Creatures on the way. I killed all the bandits, hostile Ashlanders on the way.

After a long walk, I met Sason, who gave me the mission of finding her wife, Malexa. There was a tomb near him, named Alen Ancestoral Tomb. I went inside it thinking that Malexa will be inside it. There were a number of powerful Vampires with some great weapon. I killed them all and I found a Vampire holding a Daedirc Bow named Daedric Longbow of Sureflight. I took it and its attack rate is 2 - 50, the best bow I ever seen. Even its attack is more than the Best Long Blades I seen. It is enchanted with the constant effect of Fortify Marksman 10 pts. Also, I found Steel Jinkblade of the Aegis, which is a short blade with paralyze effect on strike. I found some valuable artifacts in this Alen Ancestrol Tomb, but Malexa was not here. I was levelled to Level 8 while I was fighting with Vampires in the Tomb.

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I came out and again spoke to Sason. He said that the cultists might have taken Malexa to any Shrine. So, I searched for any nearby shrines. While searching I found a number of Hostile Creatures and bandits and killed them all. AFter some search, I found Maelkashishi Shrine. I went inside and so many bandits in there tried to kill me. Inside the shrine I dont have enough space to back up when my opponenets neared me. So, I switched to the Steel Jinkblade of Aegis and paralyzed everyone. Then, immeditely switched to the Longbow of Sureflight and shooted arrows at them. But repeating this paralyze and shoot combination I killed them all in a close fight. Inside the shrine I didnt find Malexa and met and Orc named Bulfim gra-Shugarz. She was very angry at everyone. I tried to spoke her, but she shouted at me. I tried to persuade her by giving gold, but failed. Since Malexa was not here, I went out to find her.

After a while, I found a shrine named Ashalmawia. This is a very big Shrine with a large number of big rooms and also an underground Sunken Vaults at its bottom. As the room is big, the Cultists are also very large in number. I took them out one by one. After killing everyone in the Shrine and went inside the Sunken Vaults. There I found a powerful warrior, Gordol. I am certain that I am not strong enough to face him straight. So, I started shooting arrows from the top and killed him. Then, I went down and was very very surprised to see his gears. He was wearing Ebony armor set costing in ten of thousands. I looted everything and came to the top of the Shrine. Inside a small locked room I found Malexa and safely escorted her to Sason. He thanked me and told me that he will raise my reputation in Redorn House.


From the loots in this mission, I earned about 7000 gold and some special artifacts, my Daedric Bow and some parts of Ebony armor set. I was not satisfied with the BIG hunting session I had. I want to taste the blood of even more powerful creatures. So, my next journey is to the land of nightmare, Soltheism


  1. Finding a enchanted daedric weapon, a dagger with paralyze and ebony armor all at lvl 8, talk about luck..


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