Last Chaos: Soloing at Sphinx and TB

I hav tasted the flesh of Sphinx and will never go back to Giant Larvae or Goblin Commanders. Personally, I hate that some monsters are advantageous than other monsters of same level in terms of Experience. I totally hate prokion for the SP System LC have. But, I have to admit the truth that Sphinx is much better than all other.

So, I went to Sphinx and soloed them till I reached level 45. Soloing Sphinx was not hard at my level with my +6 to +8 armor set and 41+15 sword. I not even use the defense pots or minerals, except the self buffs and horse buffs.

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Soloing Elite Sphinx Spear Man

After I reached 45, I wanted to learn Triple Bash(TB). But i didnt have enought STR to do that. So, I reduced my Dexterity and put them in Strength and learnt TB. But now I was not able to use concentration as I reduced my Dexterity below 17. Also, I learnt only the 1st level of TB as I didnt have enough skill points.

So, I went to Jail in merac and sp farmed at Beast Scythe. I farmed a long time and learned upto level 4 of Triple Bash(TB) now. But still there is one more level to learn and I need more sp for that...

last chaos, lc, game, mmorpg, tb, triple, bash, fox, saiy2k
My First Triple Bash (TB) Hit, lol

Now I am going back to sp farm to learn TB level 5

Till then,


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