Last Chaos: Tomb

Today morning I was soloing at Sphinx as usual... I was bored and I took my horse and started exploring the surroundings. I was wandering for some 5 minutes and I saw the tomb from a cliff top. Immediately visiting Tomb came to my mind:-)

I know the zombies were 100+. But I did remember Arun telling me that Zombies have very poor HR. So I took all my 3 SoS and proceeded to Tomb. I was very eager to fight those zombies, but I was frightened by the level gap between mine(47) and them (100+). But I curiosity overcame my fear and I boosted my defense with lvl 12 physical defense minerals and Large Defense Potions and started hitting the Creepy Zombies. With my 3 SoS, the Zombies actually miss me all the time and hit me rare :-) But my attack was very low and it took me nearly 5 minutes to kill tat zombie.. I even put a XPB in the middle and got 23% xp from a single kill :-) Thats almost like a miracle for me....

So, I killed 4 more zombies and leveled to 48 in just 30 minutes and 5 kills.

saiy2k, zombie, tomb, solo saiy2k, zombie, tomb, solo

Here is the gear that I had, while fighting the Zombie:
Weapon: 41+13
Armor Set: 45-48 set with +6 to +10
Accessories: 3 Stone of Shadow (SoS)
Pet: lvl 36 Drake with full defense n few attack passive
Buffs: Elizabeth, Horse Buff n Regular knight buffs
Pots: Large Defense potion and Lvl 12 Physical Defense mineral

Mine is not a perfect gear setup, but with +15 Armor set and wep, they can be soloed at lvl 35 itself, i think.



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