Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

I am a big fan of Prince of Persia series, starting from Prince DOS game. I played all the games, though i didnt completed em all. Recently, I got The Forgotten Sands from my friend Arun and installed it very eagerly. But I was in doubt, whether it will run on my system(see my system spces here). I was very happy to see that it really runs on my system with all the game settings at its low value.

The game starts with Prince going to the kingdom of his brother Malik. At the time of his arrival, Malik's kingdom is sieged by their enemies and the full place was in havoc. It was said that, they guard a mystical powerful artifact in that kingdom for a very long time and so the other kingdoms do frequent attacks to lay their hands on this artifact. After the cut scenes are over, the Prince was standing in a broken bridge and start his journey from there.

Platforming was taken to a new level with so many cool moves, which includes the price climbing the walls by getting hold of the bricks in those walls. Combat was also fully different, as the Prince fights against more than 10 opponents at a time.

After a few minutes of roaming around a castle, he finds his brother Malik. Upon his request, Prince opens a gate which leads to the Treasure Vault. Then Malik orders prince to meet him in the Treasure Vaults.

I played upto that point, but quitted after it. Because, the frame rate was oscillating between 5 and 15, touching 2 and 3 at times. It was very disappointing that my system was not able to handle the game, though I planned to play the game in Jyothiswaroop house.

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