Its been a long time since my last post. Its because I was not busy, but I became too lazy to write. Actually, I was not into hard core gaming for the past month. More than games, I had been spending a lot of time watching movies and anime. After I finished with the Carbon, I had been playing many classic games online with friends starting from Age of Empires 2, Counter Strike 1.6 to Call of Duty 2…

     In all these games, Sridhar is the one who is accompanying me all the time, whereas Yuvaraj, Vivek, Arun, Jyothi Swaroop, Arun Balaji join us occasionally.

     For a few days in these gap, I tried Half Life 2. The game was really fantastic, but an infamous “Stuttering Bug” got me. googled a lot to find a fix, but in vein. So, I uninstalled it.

     Tried DoTA and this was the first time, I tried that game. The scope of the game is very vast with nearly 100 heroes with distinct skill sets and very large number of items. My friends Arun, Arun Balaji and Jyothiswaroop were trying to dump all those details in a single day and totally confused me. I stopped playing it for now, but will surely go for it after some time.

     Planning to try FEAR game soon… Till then, I will continue with those online games :)




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